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From: Eugene Walker

Dear Web Master,

If you want to make some extra cash from your web site, join my already established Planet of Rock Affiliate Program and you could be earning commission within the next 5 minutes.

All you do is copy & paste my proven banners into your site. For every person that clicks that banner (bringing them to my site) and buys my product - YOU GET COMMISSION!

Don't have a website? No worries!
You can also post your affiliate link on forums or blogs and I'll PAY you everytime somone buys from your link!

It's completely FREE to join and there's no risk or obligation on your part. My top affiliates makes an average of $1243 each month... and that's promoting just one of my products!

Earn Cash Just By Referring Others to Our Site

Would you like to make some extra money at no cost to you? You'll be able to make some extra cash just by referring your friends and colleagues to us.

Affiliate Programs are fairly common online, and there are many affiliate marketers who make a great income just by promoting other people's products and services, such as ours.

[ Register for Free ] and Get Exclusive Access to Our Members Area!

You'll get immediate access to our exclusive affiliate members area, with all the necessary tools such as banner and text link codes, free email and article ads, and email tools.

You'll even get real-time statistics and affiliate reports to help gauge your affiliate performance. You'll be able to see just how much money your making on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.

How Does It All Work?

After registering, you'll get exclusive access to our members area. In here, you'll get your very own unique affiliate link, that you can use to promote our site. What this affiliate link does is track every single referral that you make to our site, so when someone that you referred buys from us, you'll automatically get credited with the commission.

You can select to place as many of our "banners" onto your website or websites as you like. One single account will control all of your affiliate links.

Each time someone visits your website and clicks on our link we record this information against your affiliate account. If the visitor makes a purchase then you earn commission on all products or membership purchased.

Get Access To Our Affiliate Members Area

Track, Moniter and Analyze With Our Easy To Use Affiliate Software.

For example, you tell your friend about our site and they click on your unique affiliate link. When he/she buys from us, our affiliate program tracks this and knows that you referred him to us. You'll then get paid a commission.

Our affiliate cookie tracking system tracks up to 1 year! For the entire period of an entire year, you'll get recurring commissions for each paying visitor you've sent to us

Your unique affiliate link can be used anywhere you want, so you can put it up on your website, set it as your email signature, or just tell your friends about it.

Continuous Incoming Residual Income

Unlike a lot of guitar related affiliate programs, we add new materials on a very regular basis. All products convert very well with over 70% of new customers returning as loyal long term customers.

This means that you will have multiple times to generate affiliate sales over and over again - creating a continuous incoming residual income.

[ Register for Free ] and see how profitable it is for you. We'll provide all the banners, text links and promotional materials at our affiliate member's area


Why Should I Join?

You get a 30% commission for the total purchase cost made by your visitor
There is no limit and the total purchase cost includes all shipping and handling charges
Eg: You get a minimum of USD $21 for combined sales of Blues Jam, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai Backing Tracks
You'll get an even higher commission payout if your visitor opts for Fedex Next Day Delivery.
1 year cookies and IP tracking means you'll always receive commissions for your visitors
New products added regularly with a high % rate of returning customers
Single tracking link -- you can earn multiple commissions from 1 customer up to 1 year
You get paid every month like a clockwork
There's no minimum pay out level
You'll have access to our proven high converting banners
You'll get instant notification on every sale & referral
Real Time Tracking, Statistics and complete management with our affiliate software
We handle all customers & orders you just place the banners, text links and promote our website
My affiliate program is 100% free to join!

How Much Do I Get?

Sales per day ($50 )
Your daily commission (USD)
Your monthly commission (USD)
$15 / day
$450 / mth
$30 / day
$900 / mth
$45 / day
$1,350 / mth
$60 / day
$1,800 / mth
$75 / day
$2,250 / mth
$90 / day
$2,700 / mth
$105 / day
$3,150 / mth
$120 / day
$3,600 / mth
$135 / day
$4,050 / mth
$150 / day
$4,500 / mth

The great news is: Our affiliate software tracks all sales from your one affiliate link. So you can be earning multiple commissions from multiple visitors.

Or in other words, if 2 people purchase our Blues CD and out of those, perhaps another 2 people go onto purchase 8 other backing tracks, you'll earn about US $120 in one day because our software tracks all products from your ONE single affiliate link.

This works out to USD $3,600 per month or USD $43,720 per year just for promoting our products. We've done all the hard work and we'll handle all shipments and orders.

You can be assure that our Professional backing tracks have one of the best sales conversion rates online.

When Do I Get Paid?

At the end of the month, we total the sales and issue you a PayPal payment on the same day. Example, March 31st we total the sales and we'll send you a PayPal payment on the very same day.

We issue all PayPal payments in United States Dollars. Paypal payments means that you'll get your commission instantly. No more waiting for cheques or locating lost mail

If you do not have a PayPal account yet, it is free and easy to sign up!

Sign Up For PayPal Here.

How Do I Join The Affiliate Program?

Within 5 minutes you will receive an email with everything you need to get started.

I wish you all the best and look forward to sending you massive commissions for all your efforts

To Your Affiliate Success,

Eugene Walker
Planet of Rock Admin

Planet of Rock Music Studios
2960 East Victoria Street
Compton, California
United States

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