Custom Backing Tracks Recording


We offer custom guitar backing track recording for any genre of music

If you can't find what you are looking for or if you wish to request for a backing track, do contact us. We will work with you to produce your song until you are satisfied.

Single custom tracks start from a price of US$39.95 per track and varies, depending on the complexity and amount of work needed.

Do note that we are only able to do custom recordings with no lead vocals. For bulk orders of 5 or more mixed tracks, we can offer it for US$34.95 per track

Payment Instructions:

We would require a 100% deposit up front for single custom tracks. For bulk orders, we require a 75% deposit fee. Thereafter, we'll start work and once the tracks are completed, it will be sent to your email with the download link. It will be recorded in the highest quality mp3 bit rate.

[ Contact Us ] for more details. If you wish to purchase any of the custom tracks below, please contact us as well.

Here are some MP3 samples of the custom recording that we have done for our customers.

Click on the "PLAY"playicon to listen to the quality of our samples:

( These recordings are only excerpts from the full track )

Guitar Backing Tracks MP3 Planet of Rock Sample
Wishful thinking - John Petrucci
Guitar Backing Tracks MP3 Planet of Rock Sample
Top of the world - Van Halen
Guitar Backing Tracks MP3 Planet of Rock Sample
Something inside me - Peter Green
Guitar Backing Tracks MP3 Planet of Rock Sample
Soulshine - Warren Haynes
Guitar Backing Tracks MP3 Planet of Rock Sample
Bridge of Sighs - Robin Trower

Custom Backing Track Video Feedback

Here is Doghouse Dave's rendition of Bridges of Sighs by Robin Trower, a custom guitar backing track request recorded by us.


He has certainly make the backing track come alive with his fantastic playing. Well done Dave, it is a great rendition of a classic and a awesome tone as well.


For more video feedback & Customer Testimonials :

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