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We're dedicated to be your only #1 original source for guitar backing tracks and memorabilia. Our prices are competitive, but our product is superior.

We are constantly striving to improve our products and at the same time, ensuring that our customers get the best value for money. Our backing tracks has brought a whole new dimension to our practice sessions and we know it will do the same for you too.

We are also committed to provide you with unrivaled customer service and Planet of Rock prides itself on being second to none in this area.

But don't just take our word for it. Check out the video showcase & the great feedback that our customers have to say below!

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Video Feedback #1

Melucci is only 13 years old and it is amazing what she can do with the guitar at such a young age. Incredible potential!

Check out her improvisation

Video Feedback #2

Doghouse Dave version of Bridges of Sighs by Robin Trower, a custom guitar backing track request recorded by us. He has certainly make the backing track come alive with his fantastic playing. Well done Dave, it is a great rendition of a classic and a awesome tone as well.

Get your custom guitar backing tracks recorded here.


Video Feedback #3

Check out Pinkycheesey's improvisation and playing

Keep on Rocking

Most Recent FeedBack :


... "Almost Brought A Tear To My Eye..."


Hi Eugene

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! Your product is Five Stars! The fidelity and quality are amazing.. I've been playing for over 30 years and was hoping someone would eventually come up with this format. Finding time to hack out MIDI backtracks on the computer or the old Korg with my busy
schedule was almost nonexistent.

I can now come home, strap on my guitar, crank-up the Marshall's and sit in on a jam session with the best in the world!

Got the Pink Floyd backtrack just for kicks. Almost brought a tear to my eye.. The sound is so crisp and the fidelity so high it gives off a 3-D effect. Sounds like they're actually playing in my small home studio! Just Amazing!

Keep up the good work! It is greatly appreciated!!

- Keith Mahan
email : Keith.Mahan [at]



More Unsolicitated Positive Feedback :


... "Your Tracks Have Re-ignited My Fire and Desire"


Thanks for your hard work in producing these incredible backing tracks

I have been playing for quite a long time (20 + yrs with bands and so on), but took a 5 year hiatus after my wife and I started our family. Your tracks have re-ignited my fire and desire to continue being a musician.

I now play 3-4 hrs per night both writing my own tunes and using your backing tracks and have began playing small venues again armed with my favorite Strat, laptop computer, a Line6 Toneport and my mike&amp kit. Thank you very much for helping me bring clarity back into my life!!

And for all of those aspiring guitarists, keep practicing and buy these backing tracks! They will help you beyond your wildest imagination.

Check out my youtube videos here =>

- Gary Fields
Canada, Toronto




.. "Received So Much More Than I Ever Imagined..."


I've stumbled upon Planet of Rock while surfing around guitar websites. This is exactly what I've been looking for !

My guitar has been left in my storeroom for many years now and I rediscovered my passion for music after jamming to Planet of Rock's Eric Clapton tracks.

However, the real thing that sets Planet of Rock apart is the excellent followup provided. I couldn't believe that after purchasing, I received much, much more than I could have imagined.

As someone who has not played for about 10 years, I have found their help invaluable with Eugene's lessons, videos and inspirational emails. Better yet, you don't have pay for expensive guitar lessons !

- Julian L. Small
United Kingdom, Manchester




......... "Best Backing Tracks I've Ever Heard"


Hey, I'm just taking some time off to write a review after purchasing several CDs 2 weeks ago.

Thanks a million for the superb service and the prompt shipping. It took only about 1 week to arrive in Brentford!

The backing tracks are the best we've ever heard and it has kept my brother and I quite busy for the past 2 days!

The recording quality is excellent and we'll be ordering more in the near future!

We'll be using the AC/DC tracks for our gig next month for our school concert!

- Tom & Mitchell Patterson

Brentford, London




... " Insanely Fun! A Great New Way To Practice"


Hey Eugene! Here's your testimontial...

I've just started learning guitar 14 months ago and I thought this would be a fun way to start. It also a very interesting and a great new way to practice guitar.

I've hired a tutor and the main reason I had a guitar tutor was so that I could learn lots of famous songs and this makes it

so much better with the live band's music backing me up. The tracks are fantastic and the quality is really amazing.

As of right now, 40 minutes after recieving the CD, I'm now having blast jamming to Gary Moore and Dire Straits!

Thanks a million! I'll definately recommend your site to my other guitarist friends.

- Sandra Jones
Rochester, MN




... " Fantastic Productions and Quality of Tracks "


I am a repeat customer of Planet of Rock...

As always, they have been consistently providing top quality products with an excellent service to boot. The staff, especially Eugene, have a great exuberance for people and guitar.

I would like to personally thank Eugene for the improvising

tips he has provided. It is heartwarming to know that someone cares and it's not just a faceless corporation. Have I also mention that the Satriani tracks are absolutely brillant? I''ve been jamming to "Surfing with the Alien" non-stop for the past week, all thanks to Planet of Rock. Rock On!

- John A. King
Overland Park, KS




.......... " Brought Me To A Whole New Level ! "


Hey Eugene, I can't contain myself...or barely, anyway. And, I never do 'testimonials'.

However, I just purchase your 50 Blues Guitar Jam tracks and I was blown away with the quality and the content.

Simply said, Planet of Rock's backing tracks is the

BEST way to practice your guitar. I've always had trouble focusing and keeping the discipline to practice. I discovered that the secret is just to enjoy playing the guitar and you'll keep playing and practising!

What better way to practice that to jam over backing tracks. It has brought me to a whole new level of guitar practicing. Thanks Planet of Rock!

- Danny C. Knapp
Salt Lake City, UT



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